2015 Arnold Classic

It’s almost time for the second biggest bodybuilding contest in the entire planet, yes, the 2015 Arnold Classic USA is right around the corner and if you are a bodybuilding fanatic you probably can’t contain your excitement and that’s why we decided to create a simple discussion in which we give a few predictions on how we think the show is going to end up. What makes the Arnold Classic special is the Men’s Bodybuilding categories, both the Open and 212lbs but that doesn’t mean that the other categories shouldn’t be taken into account, there are a lot of competitors doing the show so we are going to keep it short simple and try to formulate our top competitors in each category.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding: This is the main event, the whole enchilada and the hardest category to judge in the entire competition, you have competitors from all over the world with different types of physiques and backgrounds, you have a lot of veterans in here such as Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman and a few new guys like Justin Compton for example, picking a winner here is really difficult but we will give it a go.

Our first place pick is Dexter Jackson, he is one of the most decorated bodybuilders in the history of the sport, that said, we have Cedric McMillan in second and maybe taking Dexter down for first, he’s big, aesthetic and represents what Bodybuilding stands for. In third place we took a gamble and chose Roelly Winklaar, he is huge but he is really inconsistent with his conditioning and midsection, we still have a feeling he will nail it on game day. For fourth place we picked Justin Compton, he’s young and big but since we haven’t seen him compete against the “top” guys we put him in that placing, a lot of people actually have him winning it but in bodybuilding you never know.

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding: The 212lb category has been growing a lot since it was created, the quality of competitors in this division is just insane, they are big, shredded and only weigh 212lbs, it’s crazy, all the competitors that are going for the Arnold Classic title are different in their own ways, we expect to see Jose Raymond take the first place trophy followed by Eduardo Correa in second and Hidetada Yamagishi in third.

Men’s Physique: We unlike a lot of other fans of the sport out there have a lot of respect for any competitor that steps on any type of bodybuilding stage, the guys in Men’s Physique get a lot of hate for “having no legs” or for the way they pose and dress on stage, the way they dress and pose on stage is determined by the judges and the bodybuilding federations, the men who compete in this category want to have a classic physique and not something huge like in open bodybuilding, believe it or not a lot of physique competitors have big legs, that said our predictions for this category are the following: In first place we have Sadik Hadzovic, in second Jason Poston and in third Matthew Acton.

 Fitness International: This category is actually really interesting and fun to watch, the fact that these women are shredded and still have the energy to kill their fitness posing routines is mind blowing, it’s almost like watching classic women’s bodybuilding combined with a gymnastics routine, our winner here is Oksana Grishina hands down, her posing routine is out of this world and she has the physique to match it, in second place we picked Regiane Da Silva and in third Bethany Cisternino.

Figure International: The judging for figure is a little tricky because the judges look for something a little bit more muscular than bikini but less than physique or bodybuilding, our winner here is Candice Keene followed by Heather Dees in second and Ann Titone in third.

Bikini International: This is definitely a category than the men really enjoy watching and probably the hardest of them all to judge next to Men’s Bodybuilding, most of the women here look exactly the same! There really isn’t a clear criteria for judging, it consists on being lean but not muscular and ripped while having a nice waist and glutes to go along with it. The first place trophy can go any way here, it all depends on who the judges prefer on game day, that said our winner prediction here is Janet Layug followed by Ashley Kaltwasser in second and Justine Munro in third.

Women’s Physique: This category is a toned down version of women’s bodybuilding, you could say that the physiques here resemble those of the women from decades ago, our winner prediction here is Juliana Malacarne followed by Dana Linn Bailey in second and Karina Nascimiento in third, even though a lot of people would much rather go with Danna Linn Bailey’s look Juliana is more muscular and defined that’s why she’s our winner here.