2016 Arnold Classic

Arnold Classic LogoMarch marks the time of the year in which the best athletes in bodybuilding come together and compete for the title of the second biggest show in the world. The Arnold classic has seen big names come and go throughout the years and while this time around isn't any different, there are big expectations regarding this year's lineup.

The 2015 Olympia left a bitter taste for many fans that wanted to see Kai Geene take what arguably belonged to him while others think Dexter Jackson should have earned his second sandow. Even though Greene is seen as the favorite coming into this contest, he still has a very difficult road ahead of him. Let's go ahead and analyze the playing field.

A One Man Show

Kai Greene 3 Weeks Out 2015 Mr. OlympiaLike it was stated above, the favorite in this year's lineup is without a doubt Kai Greene. With an impressive resume behind him and an even greater physique, he holds the keys to and undisputed win that will lead him to the Olympia stage, giving him the opportunity to take the title from the current champion.

Greene is known to many as the second best bodybuilder in the world, for many he's the best there is, but he still has some issues that need to be addressed. If Kai wants to walk out with a clean win he needs to showcase his popular muscularity along with the unseen level of conditioning that he used to show a long time ago. If he does all of this he will earn the right to fight for the title and be this year's champion.

The Road to Redemption

Cedric McMillanAthletes such as Fouad Abiad, Evan Centopani, Maxx Charles, Justin Compton, Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson, Branch Warren and Cedric McMillan are not only facing Kai Greene but they are also facing each other. Last year wasn't the best for these elite athletes but that doesn't stop them from taking a go at the classic tittle.

Justin Compton needs to come in leaner and with the same size he did las year, the same goes for Evan Centopani, Branch Warren, Cedric McMillan and Maxx Charles. Toney Freeman , Fouad Abiad and Jonnie Jackson need to add more size to be competitive. Any of these men can easily stand next to the predator but only if they are at their all time best.

Rookie Season

Cody MontgomeryIt's easy to say that the most exciting part about this year's Arnold is the fact that a few new names have been added to an almost unchanged lineup. Cody Montgomery, Josh Lenartowicz and Lukas Wyler are doing their first major contest this march. These men have all the right tools that are needed to be successful professionals. Cody and Josh currently have a lot of momentum leading up to this show, Lukas is definitely a wild horse.

The question that everyone asks is if the rookies stand a chance against the seasoned pros, the answer to this is yes. Any of these men have the undeniable ability to crack the top five and even the top three, let's not forget that Justin Compton placed third at his first ever Arnold Classic. It will definitely be a show for the ages and I know that all bodybuilding fans are hoping to see everyone at their best.

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Kai Greene: https://instagram.com/officialkaigreene/

Cody Montgomery: https://www.instagram.com/cody_montgomery/

Cedric McMillan:  https://www.instagram.com/cedricmcmillan/