2016 Olympia Predictions

Nicknamed the “Battle of the Eras”, the 2016 Olympia promises a show for the ages. Will the current champ stay on top and take a sixth title home or will a new name walk out in victory?

2016 Olympia PosterThe 2016 Olympia will be at an all time high as five-time champion Phil Heath seeks a sixth Sandow and the talented filed of competitors dream of taking the crown. This year the Super Bowl of bodybuilding will witness the introduction of a new breed of talent, a legend make a triumphant return, and a veteran champion fight for what was once his. After the show is over and the last drop of sweat hits the stage only one individual will cement his name in bodybuilding history.

Your 2016 Mr. Olympia Winner Is…

Phil Heath 2015 Mr Olympia finalsGoing by last year’s show the top three will most likely be filled by no other than Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden. Even though many fans have repeatedly commented on the fact that Phil’s reign is unstoppable as he possesses a strong physique with no existing flaws, in our eyes this isn’t necessarily the case.

Phil Heath is by no means dominant, he’s good but he’s beatable. Bodybuilding is judged by size, symmetry, and aesthetics- three fields in which Phil loses ground. Heath is not Dexter Jackson 2015 Mr Olympia Finalsthe biggest, his proportions aren’t the greatest, and the lack of width on his physique hurts him. Athletes like Cedric McMillan and Shawn Rhoden on the other hand embody what a true Mr. Olympia should be.

Dexter Jackson is always in the mix, he already won a Mr. Olympia and several Arnold Classics, achievements that classify him as arguably one of the greatest bodybuilders ever. The physique that he showcased at the 2015 Olympia was truly impressive and in our opinion superior to that of Heath’s. From an objective standpoint and in the eyes of many both Dexter and Shawn should’ve placed ahead of Phil at last year’s contest.

The Most Competitive Top Ten in Years

Justin Compton Golden State 2016The rest of the competitive field is so competitive that it makes it very difficult to predict who will defeat who. Going by what we’ve seen so far every single individual who has qualified has the potential to place top six. The judges will truly have a very difficult time deciding who places above the rest.

There’s no need to mention just how good and different these competitors are. Every single physique on that stage is completely different from the rest. The results will depend on the type of physique that the judges are looking for. If they are looking for aesthetics, the lineup will take a 180 degree twist and in return the potential top ten will be completely different compared to if the judges were to take the mass monster route.

The 2016 Mr. Olympia Wildcard 

Kevin Levrone Most Muscular Black and WhiteWe couldn’t forget about Kevin Levrone and his huge comeback. His latest announcement has sparked a lot of controversy in the realm of bodybuilding that’s fueled by a lot of positivity and negativity at the same time. Old school fans doubt that Levrone will step on stage and shock the world while the younger generation couldn’t be more excited to watch one of their idols take the stage once more.

As far as Kevin Levrone’s placing goes, even though he has a lot of ground to cover, he has all of the potential in the world to take his first Sandow home. Levrone defeated a sizeable amount of competitors that are now legends such as Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, two bodybuilders who hold twelve Olympia titles together. If Kevin shows up at his best he will crack the top three, if he falls drastically short, a top ten finish should be respectable.

Our Prediction

After offering a general introduction in which this year’s competitive field is briefly analyzed, it’s time to get to the soul of this article and conclude with the predictions. It’s worth mentioning that the Olympia has always been an extremely subjective competition in which the crowned winner didn’t always deserve to walk out of the venue with a win.

2016 Mr. Olympia Predictions

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