2017 Olympia Results

What Happened at the 2017 Olympia?

Everyone knows that bodybuilding shows never go as planned. The 2017 Olympia just like many contests before it will probably be remembered as one of the most disappointing in the history of the sport. Even though the talk of the show was Phil Heath's gut (as fans are calling it), plenty of fans expressed their discomforts regarding the final placings of the top ten.

Phil vs Ramy 2017 Olympia

Every year it's the same groundhog day, and no matter how much fans of the sport get their hopes up – they know that the contest will most likely end up being unfairly judged. This Olympia was no different. If you look at this year's lineup objectively, it's impossible to explain why Phil Heath ended up winning his seventh title. But then again, fans kind of already expected it. How can they forget Kai Greene losing to Phil in 2012 and 2014?

2017 Olympia Men's Open Bodybuilding Results

Phil Heath won his 7th Mr. Olympia title with a very bad physique. Everyone knows that Phil's 2011 version was truly spectacular – but since then, his physique has gotten worse. This year he brought his typical size, lack of symmetry, and a noticeable amount of stomach distention. Surpringsly enough, a lot of people are saying that a protruding stomach should not be penalized and that Heath deservingly won.

The problem wasn't his stomach though – it was his entire physique. On his own, Phil looks pretty good – but once you stand him side by side with the rest of the lineup; he disappears. Phil is not the biggest, the leanest, or even the most symmetrical. It doesn't take an expert to see that Big Ramy was the best bodybuilder on the 2017 Mr. Olympia stage – he's the embodiment of what a Mr. Olympia should look like.

Mens Open 2017 Mr. Olympia

The worst part about the whole contest was the fact that even though Ramy was placed dead center in both the finals and the prejudging – the judges never had him winning a pose against Phil. Dissapoitng to say the least, it will be interesting to see how the fan response affects next year's contest.

William Bonac came in third place, followed by Dexter Jackson in fourth. Shawn Rhoden dropped to fifth place, Roelly Winklaar got Sixth, Nathan De Asha Seventh – and Brandon Curry eight. Josh Lenartowicz finished in ninth place while Cedric McMillan ended up in tenth. The general consensus is that Roelly, Nathan, and Brandon should all have placed in front on Dexter and Rhoden.

2017 Olympia 212 Bodybuilding Results

The 212 lb class was just as predictable as the open, the only difference is that everyone can agree that Flex had no issue winning his title. Second place went to the rising star Ahmad Ashkanani and third place went to Jose Raymond. In fourth place came David Henry and in fifth the young rookie Derek Lunsford who shined in his Olympia debut.

212 class 2017 O

Milan Sadek finished in sixth place, Ronnie Rockel in an impressive seventh, and Charles Dixon in eight. Ninth place was awarded to Shaun Clarida who has made tremendous improvements, and tenth place went to fan favorite Ricardo Correia.

2017 Olympia Classic Bodybuilding Results

Even though the talk of the show leading up to the contest was that of Flex Wheeler's comeback – the battle for first place is what got fans talking once it was all said and done. Breon Ansley had a tough battle and took first against the rookie Chris Bumstead; a lot of people actually had Chris winning. And my opinion, it could've gone either way.

Classic Physique Breon vs Chris

In third place came the impressive George Peterson followed by Arash Rahbar in fourth and Danny Hester in fifth. Sixth place was awarded to Terrance Ruffin, 7th to Sadik Hadsovic, and 8th to Rylon McDuell-Batiste. The 9th place finisher was Lee Banks, while tenth went to Mateo Vaihu. Flex Wheeler ended in a respectable 15th place with a great physique that surprised the public.

Other Divisions

I don't really follow the bikini division and I'm clueless when it comes down to how they judge it, so I can't speak about how fair (or not) the results were. First place was awarded to Angelica Texeira, second to Jennifer Ronzitti, third to Romina Basualdo – fourth to Casey Samsel, and fifth to Narmin Assria.

The figure division was packed with talent and a very tough top three. Cydney Gillon came out on top and took gold, Latorya Watts ended up in second, and Candice Lewis was awarded a very respectable third place. Heather Dees took fourth and Nicole Wilkins ended in fifth place.

In men's physique Jeremy Buendia won his fourth title followed by Andre Ferguson in second, and Brandon Hendrickson in third. Raymont Edmonds ended in fourth and Jeremy Potvin took home a fifth-place finish.

Mens Physique

Fitness saw the final performance of Oksana Grishina who took home another win followed by Myriam Capes in second. Regiane Da Silva ended in third place, Ryall Graber-Vasini in fourth, and Bethany Wagner in Fifth.

Juliana Malacarne won first place in the physique category while Jennifer Taylor and Heather Grace took second and third place respectively. Kira Neuman finished in fourth and Sheronica Henton took fifth place.