The advantages of working out from home

Working out is meant to be more than just a simple source of exercise, the gym is a way for us to improve both our bodies and minds while relieving any sort of internal or external pressure that is clouding our mood or overall well-being. The gym, most of the time, can be everything but productive under (not so) special circumstances leaving us no choice but to modify our training schedule or skip the training in its entirety.

Let’s face it, there is no such thing as the perfect gym. Some facilities lack the necessary tools for bodybuilding training, others discourage intense sessions and others might be too expensive to attend but these factors along with others that weren’t mentioned are the least of our problems. The main issue with attending a gym is the obstacles it presents not to mention the people that make these even harder to tolerate.

Bulking for your Wallet

Bodybuilding Home GymThe gym can be a very expensive luxury, not only do we have to pay a joining fee, membership fee and possible cancelation fee, but we also have to put up with small tasks that can make our life impossible. If you’re familiar with the economic concept of “opportunity cost” you may already know where this is going.

By working out in a public gym you are sacrificing more than you think, not only are you spending countless money on transportation and gym fees but you are also losing quite a bit of your time. For business men the most important object in life is time, without it nothing would make sense. If the gym is near your home you are at an advantage but not all of us live near a good training facility, or at least near a decent one.

Not many individuals use the term “investment” along bodybuilding talk but it’s crucial to do so. The gym is a very important investment, you are spending time and capital to rent space in a facility that will allow you to develop your physique, but, if for some reason you can’t workout like you wish due to gym policies or very “special” individuals who interrupt your workout, isn’t your investment being affected?Hardcore Garage Gym

Building a home gym can be a very costly investment if you’re looking to build a small commercial gym model but building a small yet hardcore bodybuilding type garage gym can save you a lot of money and time. This argument will make sense for some while it may do the opposite effect for others but one thing that can’t be denied is that having a comfortable home gym is one of the best feelings in the bodybuilding world. At the end of the day all you need is a cage, a good multi-use bench, a bar, numerous plates and a few dumbbells, if you can’t build a physique with these tools you should probably consider cross-fit.

The Bodybuilding state of Mind

Serge Nubret Shoulder TrainingI know that some of you may disagree with my previous arguments due to various reasons but stick with me on this.  An article on the disadvantages of working out from home will be covered in the near future so let’s move on. The Bodybuilding state of mind is what makes or breaks an aspiring bodybuilder, think of this as the soul of the sport, the essence that drives you to workout.

When I think about Bodybuilding the first thing that comes to mind is a dungeon gym with lots of metal, loud music and a tight circle of individuals that support each other inside the dark four walls. If you’ve heard of Animal Nutrition then you probably know what I mean, this essence is basically what makes the brand so special.

Larry Scott Ring FlyesThe funny thing is that rarely will you ever see any gym with the above mentioned characteristics, most gyms play commercial music, they are anything but hardcore and their members are anything but encouraging by complaining about the music, the grunting and the heavy weight smashing.

Training in a negative environment can and will have a direct negative effect on your physique, something that can be avoided by training at home. It doesn’t matter if the magic happens in your garage or in your bedroom, training at home allows you to move at your own pace while listening to the music of your choice, this means a lot less Justin Bieber and a lot more Pantera.

Enjoy your stay at the Circus

Crowded gymIf you decide that home workouts aren’t for you then you might as well enjoy your stay at the circus. This may sound a little exaggerated but is it really? Just think about it for a minute, analyze every single individual that trains at the same hour you do, chances are that if you don’t train at midnight you will see a wide array of people that will make you question you sanity.

There will always be a guy juggling the ten pound dumbbells like there is no tomorrow, the girl that is craving attention, the skinny kid with the huge ego that thinks he weighs three hundred pounds and that impatiently waits for you to finish your set, the dude that decided that training abs on the bench press Gym Circuswas a good idea and the other guy who thinks that squatting a bunch of two and half pound plates is cool, should I keep going?

It can be distracting and sometimes stressing to think that you can’t do what you want at the gym because someone will always be blocking your path.  Even four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler has said before that he has to sometimes switch his routine up due to people hogging the equipment; it’s the sad but real truth. Working out from home allows you to avoid the circus and move at your own pace, this will allow you to focus and concentrate on the muscle and progress at a better rate. If you literally need to work out in a public gym due to the people factor, chances are you’re not a real bodybuilder.

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