Bodybuilding Training: Do this instead

Arnold Bench PressBodybuilding is without a doubt one of the most rewarding and satisfying disciplines out there, not only is a perfect way to improve one’s physical state but it also does the same for the mind. Even though a great amount of individuals use the gym as a way to stay healthy, the rest of the gym populations looks for something more, they look for that extra edge that allows them to be different and stand out in society.

It’s a known fact that a great amount of people that weight train don’t know how to correctly do it; some lack the experience while others choose to do what they’re accustomed to. The purpose of this article isn’t to judge or critique anyone in any way but if you’re reading this, chances are you are looking to learn and take your physique to greater heights. We all start somewhere and if you’re looking to go nowhere but up, this is a great place to start.

Franco Columbu Deadlift

Every single conventional exercise has its own set of benefits but just because it’s easy or hard to do, it doesn’t mean that it will have a particular effect on your physique. A great amount of exercises (mostly machine related) can be performed in a different manner or substituted with another exercise to improve and accelerate hypertrophy and muscle building, here are a few examples.

Standing Cable Crossover

Arnold dumbbell flyEven though the cable crossover is one of the most popular exercises performed in gyms from all around the world, there is still a lot to be said for its effectiveness. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch and squeeze the muscle fibers found in the pectoral region, while it’s true that this exercise does what it promises, it doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to two other movements which we will discuss right now.

The standing cable crossover puts a lot of emphasis on the deltoids and that’s why a great amount of individuals that constantly perform this exercise have a lacking chest. People tend to use more weight that they can handle leading them to using horrible form and momentum.

The best movement for stretching and strengthening the muscle fibers inside the chest is without a doubt the dumbbell fly followed by a lying cable fly. The purpose of using a cable is to keep constant tension but if you’re experienced enough using dumbbells should always be your first choice. The standing cable crossover is without a doubt replaceable.

Standing Dumbbell Curl

Arm training is always fun, the pump along with the bulging veins make us feel invincible, there isn’t a single bodybuilder out there who works out that doesn’t strive to build 22’ inch arms. It’s no secret that the key to having big arms is in developing the three heads of the triceps but having great bicep development also helps. The standing dumbbell curl is a staple in most people’s arm day but it can also be easily replaced.Arnold Barbell Curl

Instead of doing dumbbell curls try doing straight barbell curls. A barbell curl will always keep constant tension on both heads on your biceps while strengthening your grip and improving your forearm development. Barbell curls are without a doubt harder to perform than dumbbell curls but the benefits are twice as good. Some may argue that dumbbells are better for isolation but barbell is better for building thick and strong arms.

Leg Extensions

Tom Platz Deep SquatThis section of the article is dedicated to any type of leg extension; seated or standing. It’s sad to say but leg extensions are a favorite amongst the lazy because they are technically easy to do. These machines are great to use as a warm up or even at the end of a workout but they should not be used as a primary muscle builder.

The secret to building big legs can be found in the free weight section, instead of doing leg extensions try doing squats, lunges and stiff legged deadlifts, these will target all of the muscle fibers found within your legs and make them grow. Legs are never fun to do, they are hard and painful but they only grow under extremes amount of stress.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used in this article. I will not be making any money from this article. This article was created to inform all of those who are interested and that follow the sport of Bodybuilding.