Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting

The bodybuilding vs powerlifting debate is one of the many important ongoing discussions surrounding the entire fitness world, everyone rightfully has a different and personal opinion on which discipline is superior to the other, but, is there really such a thing? We decided to create a simple breakdown that will hopefully shed some light for all of the hardcore bodybuilders and powerlifters on which discipline or sport is better and why. Bodybuilding and powerlifting both involve lifting heavy weights in a gym, they both require strength, power, will and determination which makes them kind of hard to compare, so, is one really better than the other?

Bodybuilding is the essence of weight lifting, before barbells or dumbbells existed men used to lift weights in carnivals to showcase their strength, raw power and muscularity, eventually bodybuilding evolved and it transformed into an art form, bodybuilding is taking someone’s body and perfecting it accordingly to their own vision of  beauty or monstrosity, bodybuilding is about building a mind and muscle connection while using it inside the gym to sculpt the human body into something bigger and stronger.

Nutrition plays a big part in bodybuilding, eating healthy foods produces similar results inside the body much like the effect of training on the outside, professional bodybuilding consists of going below extreme levels of body fat and displaying the body’s musculature in a public stage by doing a series of compulsory poses, bodybuilding in all reality can be categorized more as an art form or even a “beauty pageant” than a sport.

Powerlifting is all about raw strength and power, it’s all about becoming as big and strong as possible, it’s no secret that powerlifters and strongman are usually way bigger than bodybuilders are because they care more about strength, power and size than having a nice and “aesthetic” physique, training in powerlifting is a lot different than in bodybuilding, powerlifters perform deadlifts, squats, bench presses and variations of these compound movements. Nutrition in powerlifting is also very important just like in bodybuilding but in their case powerlifters need a lot more “dirty” calories than bodybuilders do, some people can argue that powerlifters don’t watch their diet as closely as a Mr. Olympia competitor for example.

So, which discipline or sport is better? Well, in our book they are both equally as impressive, it all depends on the viewers opinion, if you think that having a jaw dropping and pretty to look at physique is a lot more impressive than being huge chances are bodybuilding is superior to powerlifting in your eyes,  if you prefer lifting heavy weight 24/7 and just like being big and strong it’s most likely that you are a powerlifting fanatic. In a perfect world the best thing to do is to combine both disciplines, think about it,  if you can lift insane amounts of weight and have an awesome physique to go along with it, why not do it?  That is something that 99.99% of the human population can’t and won’t ever be able do.