Calves and Forearms Workout

Calves and forearms are probably the most neglected body parts in the entire human body (other than legs) by the vast majority of gym rats, if you are serious about your physique it’s highly likely that each and every muscle group in your body is trained to perfection, if that isn’t the case you should really focus on bringing up your weakest body parts in order to have a complete physique. Calves and forearms are a lot more important than people like to think, someone who has big and strong calves will definitely squat more than someone who doesn’t, heavy squats as we all know are crucial for leg development. The same thing goes for forearms, having powerful forearms means you will be able to perform better on exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, shrugs, rows, etc. If you dream of having Olympia level calves and forearms just like Phil Heath’s give our simple yet effective workout a try.

Calves Workout

Forearms workout


-You should increase the weight after each set by feel, go as heavy as possible without losing form and while being able to complete all of your sets and repetitions.

Workout Tips:

-While it’s true that deadlifts are a back exercise they also work the forearms like no other exercise, in this workout the deadlift sets consists of 20 repetitions, holding the bar for an extended period of time will make your forearms grow, the same thing applies with shrugs.

– Every time you perform a deadlift, shrug or row, hold the weight at the top of the movement for a few seconds, this will activate your forearms and make them work more.

-If you really want your calves to grow squeeze them really hard at the very top of your repetition and go as far down as possible at the end of the movement, this will stretch the muscle fibers and trigger growth.