The Dennis Wolf Comeback

The Dennis Wolf Comeback: He's Back!

Dennis Wolf is arguably one the best bodybuilders to ever set foot on the modern Mr. Olympia stage. His physique is truly an exemplary representation of what a bodybuilder should look like. Even though he still hasn’t been able to take the Olympia title back home, his monstrous yet beautiful physique has managed to promote bodybuilding in a positive light and inspire millions of fans from all over the world.

Last year and after much speculation, Dennis confirmed that he underwent surgery to fix an ongoing physical problem that didn’t allow him to maximize his body's full potential. Sadly, he sat out the 2016 Olympia and is skipping this year’s (2017) Super Bowl of Bodybuilding as well. Even though fans were clearly disappointed, they understood the importance of Denis’ decision and were behind him every step of the way.

Dennis Wolf Back Lat Spread

Just recently, IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf confirmed that he is coming back to compete at the 2018 Arnold Classic. With the help of his good friend and renowned bodybuilder, Dennis “The Menace” James – the “Big Bad Wolf” is once again on a quest to compete on the Olympia stage and have a shot at becoming the greatest bodybuilder in the world. The competition will be tough and it won’t be easy, but if Dennis manages to bring back the physique that we all know; his chances will be better than good.

Dennis has been consistently updating his social media with new training videos and the fan response has been incredible. I’ve also noticed a few people share their uncertain opinions regarding the comeback. Some are concerned and question if he will really be able to rebuild his physique and be competitive.

Even though it’s hard to say, I think that taking time off and resting -after years of pushing his body to its absolute limits- will do him well; he’s fresh, motivated, and hungry.

Dennis Wolf -in bodybuilding terms – has it all; height, symmetry, size, conditioning, and monstrous width. As big as he is, his lines and flow are hard to match; even by the most aesthetic competitors. His body was able to take a break, rest, and recuperate. Dennis also mentioned that before the surgery he wasn’t able to train at his best either, due to the injury. Now, it appears that he is ready to train at full force and dominate the stage.

It was also recently announced that he would compete at the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia, following his USA appearance. No matter what happens on the day of the contest, fans from all over the world will be tuning in to support the Big Bad Wolf and his comeback. The 2018 Arnold USA Sports Festival will be held on March 1-4, while the Arnold Australia will happen on March 16-18. Both shows will probably be streamed online, but, we will probably get all the details as we get closer to the show.

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 Dennis Wolf 2018 Update

Just a week away from the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, a video surfaced showing the Big Bad Wolf's current shape leading up to the contest. The update was published on Youtube and Instagram, giving the fans a small glimpse of his condition before the showdown. Our first impressions were very positive as we saw Dennis looking like himself again.

Although his size seems to be down a little – his lines, symmetry, and conditioning are all still there. He's always been one of the biggest competitors in any given lineup so it will be very interesting to see how a shredded Wolf stacks up against the rest of the competitors who he usually outweighs by a decent margin.

Dennis Wolf 2018 Arnold

We're also not sure when the video was taken as it was done in German. Some are speculating that it was recorded seven weeks out of the competition while others say it was shot just a week out. If it was -in fact- recorded almost two months before the contest – it means that he still had plenty of time to grow into the show while keeping the tight conditioning.

No matter what happens in Columbus, we hope that Dennis makes his way to the Olympia stage very soon and takes a shot at the title. As far as contenders go, he's always been a fan favorite to win it all but sadly the judges have seen it differently.

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