Eating for mass

Eating is one of those things that you either love or you really hate, it all depends on the situation you are in, a bodybuilder that’s in contest prep will probably hate everything related to chicken, fish, rice and vegetables. Jay Cutler a four time Mr. Olympia once said that he eats because he needs to grow not because he likes it, but then again, if we all ate that clean year round wouldn’t we be the same way? , but that’s another subject, we are here to talk about the basics on eating for mass and not for preparing for a Mr. Olympia contest.

Bodybuilder eating

Eating seven meals a day:  The most common thing that people hear and read about on the bodybuilding websites and magazines are articles on “how to get big by eating big”, these articles usually recommend eating seven small meals a day, in all reality this isn’t practical for somebody who studies or works full-time. The “science” behind eating seven meals a day every two hours or so is to keep the body’s metabolism running fast and therefore burning fat and promoting protein synthesis, the thing is, scientist have done other studies and tests and discovered that eating seven small meals throughout the day or eating three big meals makes little to no difference in the way human body functions.

Eating three meals a day:  If you are a student chances are you don’t have the time or patience to carry Tupperware all around campus and eating seven meals a day, it’s not efficient and like we just stated it really won’t make a big difference in your physique, stick to three big meals a day, have a big breakfast, huge lunch and regular dinner, if you drink some protein shakes in between these meals you should be solid.


Chicken and rice won’t “cut” it: This is like the poster image for nutrition in bodybuilding, it’s always been said that if someone wants to get big he or she needs to eat chicken and rice as often as possible throughout the day, this makes no sense, if you want your body to change you need to play around with the food you put in it, some foods are higher in protein than chicken while others are higher in carbohydrates than rice, the body also needs fats and sugars, you can’t make the body function with just chicken and rice, try putting vegetables, steak, fish, eggs, oatmeal, avocado and maybe some pop tarts in your diet, play around with food and see how your body responds to it.

Cheat Meals: This right here is one of the most debated topics in the whole bodybuilding and fitness world, some “experts” argue that cheat meals are bad, others will say that there is nothing wrong with them, truth is, cheat meals are needed but it all depends on the situation. Cheat meals are used to reduce cravings but also to trick the body when dieting, cheat meals are necessary in order to play with the body’s metabolism, you can only deprive it of carbohydrates, fats and sugars for so long before it stops reacting to the diet you’re putting it trough. Don’t be afraid to incorporate cheat meals on the weekends, use them wisely but know that you will have to put in the work in come Monday.


Everyone needs to bulk and cut at one point in time: This is a little out of subject but it is really important for you to consider, when trying to build a physique you need to play with your body’s nutrition and training, everyone needs to bulk and cut, this is achieved with playing with the food you put into your body, if you want to lean out drop the carbohydrates, fats and sugars a little, if you want to bulk do the opposite, you can’t expect to gain mass by cutting and staying lean year round, the same thing goes for bulking, cutting accelerates your metabolism so doing both is definitely necessary in order to achieve the best benefits possible.