Growing a big back

Someone who has a big chest and big arms will always look impressive to the normal human eye, a bodybuilder on the other hand will always judge someone by how they look from every single angle, in a bodybuilding contest you are only as good as your physique, in order to win a complete and perfect package is needed, that package can’t be completed if the bodybuilder doesn’t have a big and well developed back. Having a big back gives the body a v-tapered look and it will make you look wide, as everyone in the bodybuilding world knows; shows are won from the back. If you are starting out or just want to make your back bigger take a look on the tips we have to offer to help you get your back growing.

Developed Back

Go heavy: Your back is made out of several large muscle groups so it’s going to take a lot more time and weight to get it activated and working than if you were training your chest for example, the point of going to the gym is to tear the muscle so it grows back bigger and stronger, you can’t do that if you’re lifting light weights, your back reacts to heavy movements so do just that and make it hurt.

Stick to the basics: High end gyms carry a lot of new machines that weren’t around in the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s and yet there were huge bodybuilders with incredible backs back in the day, the purpose of machines is to make lifting easier and that’s exactly what you want to avoid, stick to the classic movements such as deadlifts, barbell rows, dumbbell rows, t-bar rows, close grip seated rows etc. if you want to finish with a few machines and isolate the muscles that’s great but it won’t activate the back like compound movements do.Barbell Row

Rows: As you probably noticed in the previous tip we talked a little bit about rowing exercises, these particular types of movements are the key to achieving a big back, the pulling motions target the back from different angles depending on the exercise you’re doing, a deadlift will target your lower back, a barbell row will target your lats in general but doing a rowing movement such as a close grip t-bar row for example, will add thickness to your lower back and lats, doing a machine t-bar row will give thickness to your upper lats and traps and so on, doing all these type of rows allows the back to be worked out from all angles and therefore giving you a complete, thick and full back. Pull Up

Your back along with your legs make your foundation strong, if you train either body part with machines you will have a weak core and your other lifts will be below par, stick to the compound movements, lift heavy weight but always use perfect form and know what you are doing, if you deadlift or row incorrectly you can injure yourself, workout strong but workout smart.