High Protein Banana Milkshake

Cooking can be a real pain if you don’t enjoy doing it or have a special talent for it, either way we still have to constantly go through it if we want to build muscle. One of the hardest things to do while juggling work, school or maybe even both is preparing meals; sometimes we simply don’t have the time.  I came up with this simple High Protein Banana Milkshake recipe some time ago and I think it’s time to share it, not only is this recipe really easy and affordable to make as it doesn’t involve any cooking but it’s also really high in nutrients and tastes incredible.

*Preparation Time: 10 minutes



-1 Large Banana

-1/2 Cup of raw Oatmeal

-3 raw Eggs

-2 Cups of Milk

-2 Tablespoons of Natural Vanilla flavoring

-3 Ice Cubes


Step 1: Cut the banana in small pieces, measure out half a cup of raw oatmeal, measure out two cups of milk. Add all ingredients to blender.

Step 2: Measure out two tablespoons of natural vanilla flavoring and add to the blender.

Step 3: Add three eggs into the blender and then three ice cubes.

Step 4: Blend the ingredients for two minutes and poor into a large glass.

Banana Milkshake Macros

*Other Information


-The three ice cubes and the vanilla flavoring aren’t added in the nutritional information because their nutritional contents equal zero.

-If you want to add an extra source of protein to your milkshake add a scoop of your favorite vanilla flavored whey protein.