HIT Back Workout

Bodybuilding is a trial and error discipline, what works for someone doesn’t always work for others. Training always needs to be approached with an open mind, if you truly want to make progress and build a worthy physique you must be willing to try anything and everything in order to grow. High Intensity Training (HIT) was invented and promoted by Arthur Jones but was popularized by bodybuilders such as Ray Mentzer, Mike Mentzer, Casey Viator and Dorian Yates. Sometimes changing things up a little can be more beneficial to the human body than you think, if you want to enhance your overall musculature, strength and thickness, give this HIT back workout a try, the results will speak for themselves.



1-This is a HIT Workout, what makes it different from other training styles is the fact the every single repetition is performed in a very technical and controlled manner. Each repetition is made out of three parts: Positive, Negative and Isometric. This is the tempo needed for every single part of the rep:

Positive: Normal Speed (Explosive).

Isometric: Three Second Contraction and Squeeze.

Negative: Four Second Release.

2-It is very important to complete all of the specified repetitions by going to failure, choose a weight that allows you to barely complete the rep scheme; you should be going to failure on each and every single set.

3-High Intensity Training programs are meant to be technical yet excruciatingly painful at the same time, momentum should be completely avoided, if you can’t complete the number of repetitions on your own lower the weight a little or seek the help of a spotter to help you complete the remainder of the set.

4- Rest is crucial for HIT workouts and that’s why it’s recommended that you rest a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 120 seconds, each and every set will need all the strength possible.

HIT Back Workout