Supplements for Beginners

Trying out supplements for the first time can be a very exciting but also very overwhelming experience, taking your first supplement is almost like getting rid of your training wheels on your bicycle for the first time as a kid; you are ready for the big leagues and you want to do it right. The thing with supplements is that people overcomplicate them a lot that’s why we are going to make this easy to understand and straight to the point.

Supplements and Steroids: The first misconception people have about supplements is that they are similar substances to steroids, this is completely false, a supplement is just like the name says, “a supplement” or in other words “Something you consume instead of”, supplements contain the same macro and micronutrients that food does but instead they come in powder or pill form making them easier to consume. Steroids are a form of synthetic hormones that are naturally produced inside the body, by taking steroids the body stops producing its own hormones and as a side effect a lot of health issues can occur such as liver failure. People should think of bodybuilding supplements as an extra form of macro and micronutrients that have no negative side effects whatsoever, consuming supplements doesn’t make a bodybuilder unnatural.

Steroids and Supplements

Supplement myths: There are two big myths surrounding the supplement industry that cause a lot of debate, the first one says that supplements are really powerful and they can produce steroid like effects, the second myth says that supplements don’t work at all. Both of these are wrong! Depending on the supplement and how your body responds to them are the results you will achieve that’s why you need to research and understand the supplement you are going to buy  and the ingredients that are used to make it, supplements work but they won’t make you a Mr. Olympia overnight because they are simply the finishing touch to a consistent diet and training regimen.


Optimizing Supplements: Supplements are meant to be introduced into a well balanced diet and a healthy exercise routine, you can’t expect a mass gainer to help you gain muscle if you don’t go to the gym, supplements were created to add an extra boost of macro and micronutrients to the athlete, that along with diet and exercise is meant to increase the athletes caloric intake and therefore their overall look.

If you’re going to buy a supplement for the first time don’t rush it, take your time and think about what your body needs, Do you need to gain weight? Do you need more energy for your workouts? Do you want to cut fat? Consider all of the above and more and then decide what you want to do, just remember that supplements won’t make you “unnatural” and you will be truly missing out if you don’t give them a chance.