Teen Bodybuilding: Nutrition

Not many younger lifters know that weight training is only a portion of the formula needed to get a jaw dropping physique; rest and nutrition can be equally or more important. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you already figured out that in order to get big you need to eat big and that’s exactly the topic  we are going to cover today.

Teenagers are really complicated individuals and we aren’t just talking about their random mood swings, as you know, each and every individual out there is completely different, even twins for example,  every single human being out there has an unique genetic composition so it’s only natural that building muscle is going to be a lot more easier for some lifters than others, some teenagers stop growing when they turn 18 while others keep on growing till they’re 23, in bodybuilding there are a lot of factors and variables that come into play when building a physique.

The information mentioned above is important because you have to know that everybody is different and what works for Jay Cutler or worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger will not necessarily work for you, you must first understand your body in order to grow. If you’re a little on the heavy side you will probably need to eat differently than in you were really thin, so, if you’re a teen and you want to eat to get big you have to consider the fact that some foods will do your body good while others won’t, eating and lifting are all part of a bigger learning process which you will slowly but surely figure out.

Bodybuilder eating clean

Where do you stand? : Before starting a bulking or cutting phase you need to know where you stand, this means that you need to know how you feel and look before even thinking about creating a diet or bulk plan, it’s all common sense basically; the key is to go by feel. If you have a little bit of fat the smart thing to do would be to do a clean bulk but if you’re on the lighter side you will need to up your calories drastically, like it was stated above, you need to know where you stand and then you can if you’re bulking or cutting.

Knowing your food: The normal bodybuilder will tell you that he eats chicken, fish, ground turkey, rice, vegetables and drinks water year round, well, they just say that for the magazines to make their “job” look hard, this doesn’t mean they don’t do it, it just means that they don’t do it year round because realistically not all bodybuilders respond well to that sort of food. Whenever you eat make a list of what you ate and how you felt and looked afterwards, do this for about three months, this way you can tell which foods to eat when trying to gain or lose weight.

 Bodybuilder eating

Eating throughout the day: Again, many bodybuilders say they eat up to seven meals a day and it may be true but it just isn’t practical if you’re a teenager, you go to school, you practice sports, you may have a job and you definitely have responsibilities but what you don’t have enough of is time. A lot of experts have done extensive scientific research and found out that eating three big meals a day or seven small ones doesn’t really make a big difference, so if you want to get big eat three big meals packed with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Clean Food: If you want to gain muscle but want to stay away from the fat then you might want to stick to clean foods, this means eating chicken, beef, turkey, vegetables, rice, oatmeal, fruit etc. eat  as naturally as you can, stay away from restaurants and fast food chains, do the cooking in your home, this way you will know what you’re eating and what went into it, stay away from canned and pre packaged items, these will only make you get sick and fat.

Cheat meals: Cheat meals are required in order to keep a balance inside the body and to stir things up a little once in a while, if you keep feeding your body the same food year round there will come a point in time when it will stop growing and that’s why sometimes you need to change it up, do one or two cheat meals a week depending on your body fat levels, if you feel really flat go and have a burger or some pizza but always be ready to jump back on track the next day.

Cheat Meal

Eating isn’t complicated, the complicated part is figuring out what to eat and in order to do this as you may have noticed it’s very important to know your body and how it reacts to certain foods, at the end of the day it’s all very simple, if you want to gain muscle eat a lot of protein and carbohydrate filled foods, if you want to gain muscle and lose fat you need to eat high protein meals with moderate to low carbohydrates, you’re still a teen so you can play with it, bodybuilding is a journey so don’t expect to get everything right on the first try.