‘Tis the season to be bulking

Lee Priest BulkingWinter is by far the best season of the year with summer coming in at a close second, what’s funny is the fact that both of these time periods are completely opposites, winter is cold while summer is hot and the same thing applies to bodybuilding, we bulk during winter and we cut during (or before) summer. Bulking is an essential part of bodybuilding, without it progression can be slowed down and possible results will never be seen.

It seems that recently everybody is into lean bulking or simply being on a caloric deficit (cutting) year round, this is not only a little irrational but it’s also the breeding ground for failure. It’s that time of the year again and if you’re not ready to get bulking you’re setting yourself up for a bad start on 2016, here’s how you should approach the holiday season without losing your mind or the button on your pants.

Self Control

The first thing worth discussing is self control; people who are newer to the whole bodybuilding game don’t always know that the lifestyle is all about balance and self control. Losing complete control often happens while bulking but it can also occur while dieting, when people prepare for a competition they usually diet for too long or too aggressively and in exchange they lose excess muscle that could have potentially earned them a trophy. When it comes too bulking some individuals lose control and go overboard on the wrong foods.Thanksgiving dinner

Use the holiday season as a way to increase your overall caloric intake, this intake should be very rich in macronutrients as well as in micronutrients. Most of the food that is served during the holiday season tends to be pretty healthy, “go ham” on the meats and side dishes but take it easy on the desserts and alcohol. Self control is all about knowing when to start and when to stop, don’t be too scared of overeating but don’t lose track of your food intake, if you handle your diet correctly while using the extra energy to kill it at the gym, your weight should easily rise up and muscle gains will be made.

Take it easy on the dessert

Apple PieI don’t think I need to warn you about this but I’m going to go into it anyway. Desserts are incredible, I mean, who doesn’t like apple pie? Now, some desserts aren’t as bad as others but they are for the most part pretty sugar packed, I’m not going to say that staying away from them is the key to successfully keeping fat off because it isn’t, there’s nothing wrong with eating a few sweets here and there but always be willing to put in the work at the gym. Whatever goes into your body needs to go into your training, if you want an extra piece of pie be willing to do the extra twenty minutes of cardio at the end of your workout, always use the balance principle and everything will be alright.

Be ready

If you like to think the worse you probably think that this section of the article is going to talk about how you should be ready to suffer in the gym doing heavy training and cardio to burn the excess weight you put on after the holidays, and you’re right. You need to be ready to go back to the gym and adjust your training to fit your needs while finding a balance. I’m not going to lie and say that some of the weight you put on is fat because it probably is but chances are that the rest was quality mass is you trained during this time frame.Lee Priest Biceps

If you use the holiday season as a way to increase your caloric intake while training like a beast, you won’t have to worry about the weight you added because sooner or later it will show on your physique once you’re shredded and ready to compete or maybe go to the beach. The purpose of this article is to encourage you into having a good time this holiday season, Bodybuilding has promoted an image in which happiness and results don’t mix which is completely wrong. It’s often seen that bodybuilders don’t even eat thanksgiving dinner with their families due to their “job”, I for one began to bodybuild because I liked to eat like and animal while looking like one, enjoy this season and be ready to grow.