Uncharted Bodybuilding: Three Lost Exercises

Steve ReevesAs it has been discussed many times, the art of training is very simple to understand yet extremely difficult to master. It doesn’t take much skill to train but it takes a lot of technique and practice to be a good bodybuilder. He who seeks to create a masterpiece out of their physique needs to understand that the art of training is far more complex than it seems as one needs to watch, feel and perform an exercise according to his or her body’s reaction.

Most of the exercises performed in today’s gyms lack everything that a bodybuilder needs, it seems that in today’s current age individuals seek the extensive assistance of machines to perform a task that can only be reserved for the cold iron. The physiques that are being built today lack everything that the original fathers of Bodybuilding promoted, let us not forget that Bodybuilding is an art form, a lot of this is happening due to the way training has regressed.

Many exercises that were once used by classic bodybuilders have been long forgotten and replaced with dull machinery. The following exercises are guaranteed to help anyone build and perfect their physique if used properly.

Lying One-Arm Lateral Raise

Shoulder training in general has evolved into something worth forgetting, witnessing an individual with above average shoulder development is rare even by today’s standards. If there’s one thing that characterized the Golden Era of Bodybuilding were the incredible V-Tapered physiques that graced the renowned Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia contests. Personalities such as Larry Scott, Bill Pearl, Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno had one thing in common; incredible shoulder development.Arnold Lying one arm side lateral raise

A recent video has shown a young Arnold Schwarzenegger performing Lying one –arm lateral raises; this particular exercise was probably unheard-of before the 7-Time Mr. Olympia released the workout footage. This exercise is very important but rarely used, unlike other types of raises, this movement targets the lateral heads of the deltoids unlike any other motion out there, a great thing about this exercise is the fact that it also targets the rear delts while leaving the frontal delts out of the equation.

Pinch Grip Deadlift

Deadlifting is truly a lost art in itself, outside of powerlifting there aren’t many people who use deadlifting to build their physiques and that’s why most of the amateur bodybuilding population has mediocre back development. Deadlifting is incredible for building core strength, increasing lower back thickness and improving overall grip strength. The purpose of the Pinch Grip Deadlift is pretty easy to point out, if you have a very weak grip or suffer from wrist pain while doing other movements, you should add this exercise to your arsenal as fast as possible.Steve Reeves Pinch Grip Deadlift

The Pinch Grip Deadlift was made popular by Steve Reeves, better known as the original Hercules. Mr. Reeve’s physique was truly herculean or as some might say, perfect. We can’t discuss aesthetics or the Golden Era without naming the 1950 Mr. Universe and the same goes for the Pinch Grip Deadlift in training. This exercise is pretty simple to perform; you set yourself up in a deadlift stance but grip the weight by the plate and not by the bar. Doing this exercise will improve your grip strength in all areas not to mention that it’s great for back and leg development.

Ring Fly

It's safe to say that this very special exercise is very rare to come by, I don't think that anyone actually reading this article had an idea that it even existed. A few years ago I came across a few photos of the legendary Larry Scott performing this very odd exercise, the mental picture will forever linger in my mind. Like it was stated above, training is an art form and therefore it's subjected to change, it seems that nowadays everyone trains the same way, and well, that wasn't the case back in the 50's, 60's and even 70's, decades were bodybuilding training was officially born.Larry Scott Ring Flyes

Larry Scott is one of the founding fathers of Bodybuilding, not only did he possess an unrivaled physique but he also holds a legacy that will forever untouched. Scott used to train in a very unconventional way that helped build his well-known physique. As many know Scott had the best physique of his time so we could definitely learn a thing or two about his training philosophy. I'm not going to go more into detail regarding his persona and legend status because there is already an article dedicated to his legacy which can be found at the end of this article.

The Ring Fly is unlike any other exercise I have ever seen before, it's unconventional, it's difficult to set up but it's perfect and crucial for out of this world chest development. The main problem with chest movements is the restricted range of motion, the ring fly on the other hand goes against all the principles of chest training and opens the door to new levels of growth. This movement allows you to stretch the chest in an extreme and unique manner that will fire every single fiber in your pectoral region. I know it's really hard to do these because of the set up they involve but if you ever have some spare time give them a try.

Honorable Mention: Concentration Curl

You’re probably thinking that concentration curls don’t belong in this article but you are wrong. It seems that gyms are currently filled with drive-lacking individuals who work out for the wrong reasons, some do it for vanity while others do it to say they do it. The thing is, most people always do the same old routine, if they’re not doing a dumbbell curl it’s highly likely that they’re doing some sort of press or cable extension. One thing I notice is that there is never anyone doing a concentration curl, a lot of it probably has to do with the new fancy bicep training machines that are available.Arnold Schwarzenegger Concentration Curl

The same thing happens in professional bodybuilding, you will hardly ever see someone doing a concentration curl. Many seem to forget that the man who arguably built the best biceps in the world used to do this every single arm workout, yes, I am talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. While it’s true that bicep length and peak is genetic, a lot could be said about training or in this case the opposite, if you don’t train correctly you won’t grow. Concentration curls work the bicep in an unique matter from top to bottom, next time you think about doing a straight dumbbell curl try these instead, you definitely won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used in this article. I will not be making any money from this article. This article was created to inform all of those who are interested and that follow the sport of Bodybuilding.

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