Weight Training and Bodybuilding

It’s really common to see people talking about weight training and Bodybuilding as if they were the same thing and while it’s true that they are similar they are still very different sports. The general part of society tends to assimilate both of them as only one individual sport, now, it’s pretty much true that both sports are founded on the basic principles of strength training but they are very much complete opposites, a weight lifter will always have a similar but extremely different mentality to that of a bodybuilder because of his very specific and particular goals, the same idea applies for bodybuilding.Barbell Squat

Every bodybuilder, amateur or professional, had to start somewhere at one point in time, most of the successful athletes often tell stories of how they fell in love with training when they first picked up a dumbbell or barbell from their parents basement. Weight training is the base of bodybuilding, without it it’s literally impossible to build a good physique, the objective of weight training for most people is to lose fat and gain muscle, some are happy with the results they earn and decide to keep on improving at lifting weights by becoming stronger every day.

Bodybuilding is the next step up from weight training and it’s a little bit more complicated to understand. Weight training can be as simple as lifting weights at a regular gym or as complicated as powerlifting or strongman, the main objective of this sport is to become stronger, faster and more explosive in a certain area of lifting, building muscle for a weight lifter is an objective but the process is a lot different than with a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder Training

Bodybuilding is all about improving one’s lifestyle in general and not just in the weight training field, a Bodybuilder thinks of his physique as a piece of stone that needs to be carved into a masterpiece, this can only be achieved by constant and intelligent weight training, diet and rest. Every aspect of life needs to be in tune with each other, a bodybuilder can’t expect to have a godlike physique without a well planned diet or without a proper resting schedule.

Weight training for a competitive lifter in cross fit, powerlifting or even strongman is based around strength increases, contrary to popular belief every single lift that these athletes perform is perfectly calculated to provide the best and heaviest results possible. A bodybuilder’s ultimate goal is to build his physique and not his strength, weight training is only a tool used to sculpt the physique and that’s why lifting heavy is not always the way to train, bodybuilders want to find the highly talked about mind-muscle connection to make their muscle tissue grow, a weight lifters main focus is becoming stronger, the physique comes as secondary.


Both disciplines are highly demanding and deserve all the respect they can get, creating a symmetrical and proportionate physique that resembles a Greek statue is a task that isn’t easily accomplished but neither is deadlifting 800lbs. As you may have noticed weight training is not only just the base of bodybuilding, it’s a whole sport on its own, if you look up any famous powerlifters or strongman you will clearly be able to tell that they are on a level of their own, not only can they lift a lot more weight than a bodybuilder, they are also way bigger.