Will Phil Heath Win The 2017 Mr. Olympia?

And your 2017 Mr. Olympia is…

The 2017 Super Bowl of Bodybuilding is finally here and people want to know if Phil Heath has what it takes to tie the record for seven wins with Arnold Schwarzenegger. As of today, fans pretty much agree that in order to knock out the reigning champ at the Olympia stage, you need to shock the world. Phil has done that a couple of times but he has also left the door open for other competitors who want to solidify their names in history forever.

Phil Generation Massive Generation Iron

Let’s be honest, Phil’s had some incredible showings at the Olympia stage, others –while not as good- were still enough to win. See – that’s the thing – even when he’s off, Phil is too much to handle.  But he’s not unbeatable, no one in any sport is. So, if Phil Heath is beatable, what really needs to happen in order for him to finalize his winning streak?

Who Can Defeat Phil Heath?

Obviously, if Phil shows up looking completely off, he can give up ground to guys like Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden who share similar types of physiques. Big Ramy, who has been the talk of the show for the last four years, has the potential to win if he shows up with his usual size but with stellar conditioning. Last year, at the Olympia prejudging, his condition was good but he was considerably flat. He then filled up for finals and looked incredible; people actually had him beating Phil that night.

Phil Heath vs Kai Greene at the Olympia

The last possible event is that a bodybuilder shows up out of nowhere with a completely rebuilt physique and defeats the champ with no questions asked; just like Ronnie Coleman did in 1998 or Dorian Yates in 1992. Anything and everything can happen, but we won’t truly know how the cards will stack up until it’s all said and done.

What Do The Fans Have To Say?

It all depends on who you ask; Phil Heath has both a lot of loyal supporters and “haters”. If you ask his supporters what they think, they will tell you that he will end up winning ten years in a row. If you ask the rest of the crowd, they will tell you that he will lose this year and should’ve also lost a couple of times to Kai Greene. But I’m not getting into that today because that’s a whole different debate that will probably never see the end; just like Coleman vs. Cutler in 2001.

Phil Heath Olympia Backstage

I personally think that a few competitors that will stand beside Phil come September, have the right tools to defeat him. Will it happen? I honestly don’t know, but it’s a possibility. One thing I do know for sure is that if Phil comes in looking in any way similar to his 2011 Olympia showing, it’s going to take a lot (and I mean a lot) of effort to come close to touching him.

Can Phil Heath Win Again?

Yes, he can, but his victory will depend on how he and the competitors show up. If Phil can bring the roundness and conditioning that he showcased in 2011 while improving his midsection, it’s going to a very good show. The 2017 Olympia is going to be filled with a lot of different physiques, regardless of how things unfold; it’s going to be epic.  I know that fans can’t wait to see Ramy being compared to Phil, but there are other good names that can creep up from the shadows.

Phil Heath 2013 Double Biceps

I predict that the 2017 Mr. Olympia won’t be a walk in the park for Phil. I think that a lot of competitors are going to bring their best and challenge him for the title. Tying with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legendary accomplishment in itself and I know that a lot of these guys are going to do everything in their power to stop Phil and end his legacy. Will it happen? We will have to wait and see.